Following reports from Drivers.

The instructions for Battersea Park on the down fast have changed due to the inability of drivers to see the rear passenger doors on 8 car trains.

Trains requiring to stop at Battersea Park down fast must either be 8 cars using in cab cctv or be limited to 4 cars only.


Trains departing Wandsworth Common on the up slow are currently having to be dispatched by staff for 8 car 455 formations. This will continue until CCTV equipment is provided on the platform.


The DOO working party is also asking drivers to report any platform where they experience difficulty dispatching trains either by looking back or by using the platform bound equipment.


Can you please email these reports to either or text 07717882710 or text 07921921002 or text 07594050807



with any information to assist us in ensuring the driver has the right equipment to dispatch their train safely